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Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is made from stainless steel material which is more strong and better quality than other types of wine savers.

Since you opened a bottle of wine all that oxygen left inside the bottle caused your delicious wine to oxidize and become dull. By using this wine saver vacuum pump, you can remove all the air from the bottle, keeping the wine fresh.

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Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver Kit is the best choice. The Wine Sealer Pump lets you Enjoy your Wine Today, Tomorrow & Days After. Save your Wine for Next Time!

•If you don’t drink the entire bottle, preserve wine & seal the bottle. Simple to use with washable stoppers that can be inserted easily. Not suitable for sparkling wine.

•The Wine Pump it is a hand operated pump that keeps wine with natural fresh smell and original taste up to 14-15 days after opening. Store your bottles aside & forget about messy leaks.

•Cap the bottle with a stopper, place the pump on the top of stopper and pump an air out until you feel the resistance, it’s done! Also, you can buy extra 6 reusable Wine Stoppers for this Wine Vacuum Pump.

Wine Saver Pump Size: 150*85 mm / 5.90*3.35 in;

Wine Saver Pump Weight: 88 g / 3.10 oz.

What is in the Box:

1 pcs Wine Saver Pump

4 pcs Re-usable Bottle Stoppers

Stoppers size: 4.3*3.5 cm, 1.69*1.37 in

Unit weight: (4 stoppers: 48 g, 1.69 oz)

Also, you get from Akses Royal 24-month warranty and great customer service.

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