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Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is made from stainless steel material which is more strong and better quality than other types of wine savers.

Since you opened a bottle of wine all that oxygen left inside the bottle caused your delicious wine to oxidize and become dull. By using this wine saver vacuum pump, you can remove all the air from the bottle, keeping the wine fresh.

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Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver Kit is the best choice. The Wine Sealer Pump lets you Enjoy your Wine Today, Tomorrow & Days After. Save your Wine for Next Time!

•If you don’t drink the entire bottle, preserve wine & seal the bottle. Simple to use with washable stoppers that can be inserted easily. Not suitable for sparkling wine.

•The Wine Pump it is a hand operated pump that keeps wine with natural fresh smell and original taste up to 14-15 days after opening. Store your bottles aside & forget about messy leaks.

•Cap the bottle with a stopper, place the pump on the top of stopper and pump an air out until you feel the resistance, it’s done! Also, you can buy extra 6 reusable Wine Stoppers for this Wine Vacuum Pump.

Wine Saver Pump Size: 150*85 mm / 5.90*3.35 in;

Wine Saver Pump Weight: 88 g / 3.10 oz.

What is in the Box:

1 pcs Wine Saver Pump

4 pcs Re-usable Bottle Stoppers

Stoppers size: 4.3*3.5 cm, 1.69*1.37 in

Unit weight: (4 stoppers: 48 g, 1.69 oz)

Also, you get from Akses Royal 24-month warranty and great customer service.

If you want to keep your wine FRESH, go head and click the buy button “Add to Cart”!

10 reviews for Wine Saver

  1. Suzanne W. Sutherland

    I just like to drink one or two glasses of wine occasionally. I would always find it very difficult to preserve the taste and the quality of wine left in the bottle after I open it. This was a huge problem for me as I am not a frequent wine drinker. By using the Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver Kit. I can now preserve the taste and quality of the wine for days and even months. I am very pleased with it and it is very easy to use with instructions to use clearly mentioned. It helps in keeping the left-over wine in the bottle fresh. This is a quality product that has a nice look and does its job to perfection. Five stars for this wonderful wine saver.

  2. Cheryl Wing

    If you are looking to save the opened wine from oxidizing and turning dull and tasteless, then you need to make use of wine saver vacuum pump. The best wine save pump that I have used so far is the Akses Royal wine saver. This helps in keeping the wine in the bottle fresh as it will take care of all the air inside the bottle. By using this wine saver, my worries about finishing the wine bottle at a stretch is thrown out of the window. Now, I have the liberty to drink the wine as and when I want without needing to worry about the loss of taste.
    The main thing that attracted me is that the wine saver is made using high quality stainless-steel material and has 4 reusable bottle stoppers. It is also very small in size and it fitted in my traveler’s bag very easily. I am very impressed with the design, the quality and the usefulness of the wine saver and it is far better than the other wine savers that I have used so far. I am very satisfied with its performance and it has done exactly what was mentioned in the manual.

  3. Amanda Rotner

    Wow, the Akses Royal Wine Saver is awesome. I enjoy drinking wine once in a while, and I just hate it when my wine oxidizes after opening. The wine saver actually works. It maintains the temperature inside and seals perfectly. Freshness of wine is important to me, and it is especially problematic to keep it fresh after long periods of time. This wine stopper takes care of the problem and I love being able to enjoy my wine the same as just after opening the bottle.

  4. Steve Coster

    This Akses Royal wine saver is by far the best product out there. It works exactly like a pump. If you haven’t finished your bottle right after opening, no worries, because this tool creates a vacuum inside of the bottle, preventing the air from oxidizing the wine. If you are an occasional wine drinker like me, this is the product to use to ensure the freshness of wine. I received the wine saver vacuum pump made of stainless steel, with 4 rubber wine stoppers that also seal the bottle perfectly. The vacuum pump is perfectly designed, it is of a fairly small size, so it does not take up too much space in a bag, in case you are planning to go on a vacation with a bottle of luxurious wine. The product also works for scotch or bourbon as well, so long as it is a standard glass bottle. I have tested the wine saver for a couple of weeks now, and did not experience any leaks, and the wine tasted just the same!

  5. Jacqueline G. Morris

    Wine saver is a vacuum pump that can help you save the fizz and aroma of a wine bottle. Often we find ourselves having a bottle of wine that is not finished on time and the flavor loses its zing by the time we take it out a second time. With a stainless steel wine saver you can now save the aroma and flavor of your favorite wines. What’s more, you will be able to order it conveniently through the website of the vendor or through the Amazon marketplace.

  6. Shelia D. Cortez

    If you love your wine and wish to preserve the flavor of any wine, opt for the vacuum pump preserver kit. Made by a reputed manufacturer, it is made of sturdy stainless steel that makes it ideal for use for a long time. The wine stopper is of a versatile design that can fit the top of a wine bottle of any dimension. You will be able to preserve your favorite wine bottles up to 15 days even after you have opened the original seal. The instructions of usage are provided with the product. It is convenient to order it in through the online website or through the Amazon website.

  7. Harold P. McGinley

    A wine pump can be your solution to saving the flavor and aroma of any wine bottle you own. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it can be used conveniently to store wine bottles that are already opened. Often people find their fine wine going to waste as they are unable to finish a bottle and find the flavor and aroma gone stale after they open the bottle. With a wine pump preserver kit you can simply put aside the bottle you opened and reach for it as and when you feel like. The reliable product can be accessed conveniently through Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website. Reliable exchange and delivery policies make the online purchase a convenient one.

  8. Maria E. Beck

    If you are looking for a solution to save their expensive wine bottles, the wine saver vacuum pump can be the answer. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it helps to remove air from a wine bottle which in turn preserves the flavor of such drinks. Usually air that enters a wine bottle after it is opened is what makes it dull in flavor. You can invest in the wine pump preserver kit from Akses Royal and it would be the perfect solution for preserving your precious wines.

  9. Rebecca L. Adams

    If you have invested in a wine refrigerator like me, why not get the wine pump kit that will help you seal in the flavor of wine bottles that are opened. A wine pump preserver kit can be the perfect solution for sealing in the freshness and flavor of your wine for several days and weeks. Akses Royal offers a handy and conveniently priced product that is available for sale through convenient online outlets.

  10. Grace C. Simmons

    I like to invest in expensive wines and wish to preserve the flavor for longer. For me such a kit comes in handy. Looking for a gift idea for a wine aficionado like I did? Why not gift him or her the perfect wine bottle accessory – a wine sealer pump that works with vacuum technology to help seal in the freshness and flavor of wine and other drinks. Indeed, many restaurateurs invest in such products as well as chefs and home owners who love their wine. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the stoppers are easy to use in different wine bottle designs. The manufacturer provides these reusable bottle stoppers with 24 month warranty that comes with reliable customer service as well. These stopper kits can be great for any person as well as a great accessory to gift to loved ones and friends along with wine bottles.

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